(1) a struggle for human rights in the Adult Camming Industry;

(2) a post-P.h.D. project of research in Social Science;

(3) a business strategy to conciliate: better earnings and decent work conditions for the premium performers.  


Camming (an interactive online streaming of intimate moments) is a chance to make a living for many people in many places. Common sense is that this work is related only to the sexual activity, and the performers are supposed to do anything at any time (nothing is off limits).  Nevertheless, this is a very short-sighted understanding of this market segment.


NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (2018) is a new understanding of the scene focused on the 

Social Aspect of Camming (2017). This approach considers that a very significant role of this business

is offering companion (and other emotions as well) in an increasingly lonely society.  

Thus, Building Connections (2016) between the performers and the Social Traffic (2019) is a possibility that takes into account these human needs: the sense of caring, affection, empathy and sexual arousal as well.  This new source of traffic is neither from dating nor from porn. They are a heterogeneous group of people coming from other areas of the internet unrelated to sexual content, such as the otakus and gamers.

The application of the totality of concepts lead to the idea of Mainstream Camming (2020): the next level of the online entertainment business in which:

  •  the consumers can develop the desire to return to the same performer and this regularity constitutes a genuine strategy that can guarantee more dignity, both in term of high profit margins and quality of life for the performers. 

  • the performers can finally have the chance to minimize many emotional issues related to work in Adult Entertainment, such as the difficult of introducing themselves socially.


This new vision is based on:

(1) scientific literature (such as D. Harvey, E. Morin, E. Trivinho, G. Debord, J. Baudrillard, S. Freud, T. Adorno, U. Eco and Z. Bauman);

(2) empirical experience (as a consultant, as an EXEC in a major webcam platform and as cam performer in order to better understand different sides of this business).

This project has been helping this industry to observe and act on some relevant aspects, such as:

  1.  A more socially aware speech from the main influencers (2016);

  2.  New marketing campaigns that focus on empowering women (2017); 

  3. New seminar themes at the conferences discussing women in leading positions (2018);

  4. New categories for the Award Shows that evaluate attributes that aren’t only physical (2018);

  5. Services that help protect cam performers against piracy (2018);

  6. Services that are aimed at mental health (2018); 

  7. Other researchers interested in comprehending camming (2019);

  8. Application of its concepts by the main brazilian webcam platform in order to define the camming activity (2019); 

  9. The end of marathons on Brazilian platforms and the introduction of more humane advertisement campaigns (2020); 

  10. Reached better deals for the Brazilian models on an international platform from 5$/h to 20$/h (2020); 

  11. Application of the "Social traffic" strategy by a major platform, resulting in 10,000 new members and 100,000 visitors during the campaing, which lead the company to be awarded for the "Best Market Campaign" (2020)

  12. After NCP shouted out about an inappropriate marketing campaign from a major webcam platform that made fun of the COVID-19 health crisis, they came up with a more humane one (2020);

  13. Solution to a problem involving a major payment company who had held money from Brazilian models. Some of them had not received any reply for over 2 years (2020).



  • To empower women by demonstrating that they are industry partners and not only content producers

This is due to the perception that a model’s role nowadays includes much more than only performing

in front of the camera, but also (1) being active on social media, (2) in order to bring traffic to the platforms, (3) while converting free guests into paid members at the camsites, etc. That’s why they don’t need to accept blindly any impositions from the platforms.

  • To stimulate critical thought among Industry’s players

Overcoming oppression demands, first of all, the awareness of such practices. A profitable business model can also be a pleasant one. Which is the opposite of seeing people only as a number in the list. Thus, improving work conditions demands recognizing the importance of human rights for both the models

and the Execs.

  • To present an alternative business model for premium cam sites for performers and Industry

This methodology presents itself as an alternative to the “Free Teasing” approach in order to (1) decrease women objectification, (2) maximize earnings, and (3) stimulating returning costumers.

  • To improve lives by addressing emotional issues regarding camming

Seeking to address camming related issues such as the difficulty of introducing the models due to the stress of living a double-life. It is believed that a model who lives one life only can be more confident about herself which might lead to greater productivity both online (cam sites) and off-line (social media). This project can help the model with this matter because the focus is on “Building Connections”, instead of reducing her

 into a sex toy (female objectification).


 Social Scientist | Author


Who is Priscila Magossi?

When the world is not the way we feel it should be, such is the angst of recognizing the oppressions. There are two things one can do: (1) settle down and stay in the comfort zone or (2) standing up for what we believe and making the difference we want in the world. I chose the latter.


Related to my academic background, I am a Journalist (Mackenzie-SP/Brazil, 2002-2005), with a Master degree (2006-2008) and a Ph.D. (2010-2014) in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP/Brazil). Since I have started my journey in the Communication field, I have been studying the impacts of the mass media and the cyberculture in the post-modern society, focusing primarily on the social bonds dynamics.

Regarding my main activity in the Camming Industry, I am the author of the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (NCP), a formal study about camming that also looks into the porn industry, the mainstream media, and social behavior in order to draw conclusions.


The goal of this project is to reduce female objectification in the Adult scene, providing better work conditions and consequently better quality of life for the cam performers through a new understanding of this market segment, which is focused on the Social Aspect of Camming, instead of the sexual one. 


In order to promote it, I am often traveling on my own - without any kind of support, such as sponshorships and donations.  In the industry summits I have advocated for minimal human working conditions for camgirls in a lawless territory. In my articles, I often discuss the necessity of taking into account the cam models’ emotions (quality of life) as related to their productivity. That’s how I believe I aim to help women and business leader to put this new strategy into practice.​

The journey has been hard, but it has definitely been worthwhile because it does not make sense to live a life that is only limited to myself. To see the oppression that is common place in our world and not even try to do something about it is the same as not being alive. Thus, I will keep fighting the battle against female objectification regardless of how many tears I have to drop. I know that I shall not regret the side of history I have chosen to be on.



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Wecamgirls Co-Founder


"Priscila has been the voice of change in an industry made possible by women, but mainly run by men. We have to get rid of this gender inequality and the rigid gender roles that dominate the cam world, that come with it. The New Camming Perspective is not simply an idea. It’s the only way to move forward."



NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is an innovative project that tries to stimulate better working practices and conditions for cam models focused on their emotional needs. Because of that, it has to face established paradigms, that’s why the support received by these partners is so important allowing the cause to gain momentum. I am really thankful for all the help I have received so far in this journey, and I would like to suggest you check them out: