Essentially, more often than not, what is more profitable is not humane, and what is more humane is not always profitable enough to run a business. The New Camming Perspective (NCP) tries to reach a compromise between both of these aspects, proposing the dialogue between academia and corporations, industry and models, models and members.

The current adult industry modus operandi naturalizes opressive practices. The global market decisions are made by just a handful people. So, despite the Live Cam Industry reaching a massive number of people all over the world, all are subjected to these monopolies’ impositions. 

New Camming Perspective (NCP) acts directly on this traditional business model, putting forward a new business strategy and a sophisticated business training program for this field, both aimed at naturalization of the respect to people’s dignitiy and the humanization of the practices of the sector.

NCP has developed a training program on a theoretic and empiric basis from human and cognitive sciences (communication, media, virtual and imaginary culture theories) which, in turn, follow 20 years of academic studies and 11 years of working in several operational roles of the business scene (plataform EXEC, magazine column writer, event lecturer, and training program consultant). 

Business partherships based on common values and videochat relationships based on building loyal connections between models and members can lead to a shift in the paradigm of these abusive relationships of power. As a result, there is greater autonomy, freedom of choice and financial security for all parts involved.




What We Stand For

  • To stimulate critical thought among Industry’s players

Overcoming oppression demands, first of all, the awareness of such practices. A profitable business model can also be a respectful one. Which is the opposite of seeing people only as a number in the list. Thus, improving work conditions demands recognizing the importance of human rights for both the models and the Execs.


  • To present an alternative business model for premium cam sites for performers and Industry

This methodology presents itself as an alternative to the "Free Teasing” approach in order to (1) decrease women objectification, (2) maximize earnings, and (3) stimulating returning costumers.


  • To improve lives by addressing emotional issues regarding camming

It is believed that a model who lives one life only can be more confident about herself which might lead to greater productivity both online (cam sites) and off-line (social media). This project is focused on the “Building Connections” approach, so its methodology can help a model with the stress of living a double-life.


  • To empower women by demonstrating that they are industry partners and not only content producers

Models' role nowadays includes much more than only performing in front of the camera, but also (1) being active on social media, (2) in order to bring traffic to the platforms, (3) while converting free guests into paid members at the camsites. That’s why they don’t need to accept blindly any impositions from the platforms.


We Can Help you

During the last 11 years of this research (2010-2021), it became evident that many social practices in camming are harmful. For instance, the general outlook suggests a passive behavior from all sides involved (models and EXEC) because of the concentration of power in the hands of a few major players. However, the rules of the world that oppresses are not set in stone and those who become aware can also imagine changes. 

This is a huge opportunity to write the future that is a result of the practices that are based on the whole picture. The stepping stones that lead to such reality are not always evident so those who join in are also responsible for the change, either by spreading the word or showing it in their own attitudes that a different world is not only possible but achievable. Because of these concerns, the New Camming Perspective (NCP) has among its roles the responsibility to fight for human rights in the scene

To criticize and offer nothing would be useless, so it is the objective of such critical theory to judge not those who do the job, but the structure itself, since “no man is an isle” we all depend on each other to live. Hence, the strategy is harm reduction, that seeks to provide ways that are less bound to cause oppression to those who take part in the activity. There have been different applications of NCP’s theory by individuals and companies that desire to stand out as socially responsible. However, if the ideas seem hard to put in practice, we are available to provide assistance through our services. 

In operational terms, the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (NCP) is a business strategy that uses social sciences to optimize earnings and stimulate returning customers by relying on the human need for (1) Building Connections through the (2) Social Aspect of Camming when in touch with the (3) Social Traffic, leading to the idea of the (4) Mainstream Camming: the humanization of this market segment. It is not a one fits all programme, every specific need can be addressed to reach the desired results.

For companies to maximize profit and retain return customers in an attempt to reverse part of the crisis caused since internet porn became free (97%), therefore affecting camming profit margins.

For models who desire to work under social bonds dynamics on camming (social/ dating traffic) rather than instant sexual satisfaction (porn traffic).



NCP News


When the world is not the way we feel it should be, we do not have to accept it as it is. If we feel the angst of recognizing the oppressions, we can do everything that is in our powers to make the difference. This is a place that allows the expression of free thought without censorship and sponsorship!



Who is Talking About Us


Especialistas afirmam que também é preciso observar com cuidado a evolução do modelo de negócios dessas plataformas. Priscila Magossi, pesquisadora e fundadora do New Camming Perspective (NCP), projeto que oferece treinamento para mulheres que trabalham com camming, com foco na defesa dos interesses das profissionais, diz que a publicidade do setor confunde, propositalmente, sobrevivência financeira com empreendedorismo.”
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Industry Recognition

NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (NCP) has part of the change in the camming industry awakening, acting, and promoting in some relevant aspects both in the international and domestic (Brazilian) market.



  • A more socially aware speech from the main influencers (2016);

  • New marketing campaigns that focus on empowering women (2017); 

  • New seminar themes at the conferences discussing women in leading positions (2018);

  • New categories for the Award Shows that evaluate attributes that aren’t only physical (2018);

  • Services that help protect cam performers against piracy (2018);

  • Services that are aimed at mental health (2018);

  • Other researchers interested in comprehending camming (2019);

  • NCP’s Social Traffic applied as a strategy by a major webcam platform, resulting in 10.000 new members, 100.000 visitors, and the "Best Market Campaign" Award (2020);

  • Revised marketing campaigns according to NCP’s observations during the Covid-19 by a major webcam platform (2020).

BRAZILIAN MARKET has witnessed:

  • The introduction of the first camming training program in Brazil (2019);

  • Application of its concepts by the largest Brazilian webcam platform (2019);

  • The end of marathons on Brazilian platforms and the introduction of more humane advertisement campaigns (2020);

  • Better deals were reached for the Brazilian models on an international platform from 5$/h to 20$/h (2020);

  • Solution to a problem involving a major international payment company, which had held money from Brazilian models. Some of them had not received any reply for over 2 years (2020).

Thanks to everyone who has honored this long journey of studies, full time dedication and hard work online and offline!

Notebook and Pen


What they say



Sílvia Abreu

Angels Studio | Manager

I know Priscila since 2010, it has been quite a ride to see her grow out of her comfort zone over and over again. I was there when she was getting her P.h.D. while working on the site, and it was with great pleasure that I saw her succeed. Priscila is driven, focused and a voice that has its own place in the industry.


The New Camming Perspective (NCP) is a project that started from her inner knowledge about the live cam industry, that clearly touches subjects that have been tabu for far too long and must be discussed and have us reflecting on how we want to grow and move forward.






I got to know Priscila's work a few years ago, I always admired her for being strong and extremely intelligent.


The whole industry will always try to oppress those who work with them, and this has been accepted for many years without being questioned. When I started working in this industry I always wondered why we all had to behave in a certain way for our platforms to be successful, but what about our personal success?


I have always wondered if it would really be worth working as a puppet or trying to show that I am a person, that I have feelings, and that I am not just an "aperitif". It took a few years for me to have my voice, I know my value, I learn to value myself and think about my well being.


When I achieved that, everything in my life changed. I work in the area I choose to work in, I do my number of hours, I wear the clothes and makeup I want.


The result? I have never been better at my job. Today I can say that I have friends, real fans, and wonderful coworkers. I am no longer on a platform that I find overwhelming. Today I have the freedom to be in a place that pays me a fair amount for my work and that demands nothing from me, besides being myself and being happy.


I am forever grateful to Priscila for giving voice to a new movement, helping new girls out of an oppressive industry and into a new path. She was and is being very brave to expose an industry that wants nothing more than profits and puppies working. I hope that more and more girls will be able to know Priscila's work because it is admirable.

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