October, 4th, 2019
Priscila Magossi on Mental Health Care in Cam Community
Common sense tends to mix up the meaning of pleasure with happiness, as well as sadness and depression. These pairs of words are related to very different concepts. One reason to know what they mean is to be able to identify them in yourself. After all, how can you deal with something that you do not know precisely what it means? (...)


September, 30th, 2019
Priscila Magossi: Is Premium Adult Camming for You?
The reason for this text is to show that the "New Camming Perspective" also wants to reach the users in order to explain that premium services are more similar to an affair than a quickie. On the other hand, the premium camgirls want to provide affection and receive some care in return (...)


August 28th, 2019
Contrary to a popular belief, a company is not a static and lifeless object, but an “organization”. An organization is defined as a group of people working with the intention of reaching the same goals, thus, creating a “social unit“. A social unit is a team. A company does not succeed without teamwork(...)

August 26th, 2019
AVN | Inside the New Camming Perspective studies: Magossi Talks Quality & Quantity Paradigm in Social Science
In order to assess the world, our experience and knowledge are the first step. However, we cannot limit our understanding to such simple and practical situations. The idea of otherness is very dear to social sciences, because it allows an individual to see the others as similar to itself and notice many aspects in oneself as elements of human actions and behaviors. Such ideas were already present in Rousseau’s writings, which leads to very question: “what is science?” and a simple answer is “explaining cause and effect."(...)

August 6th, 2019
AVN | Priscila Magossi: Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder
Adult entertainment offers a very wide range of products that depend on a lot of people. Naturally, this huge workforce is not homogeneous and we can find all types of ethnic and racial diversity. While in the backstage it is easy to notice this melting pot of cultural values, in front of the cameras it is not so common to see such variety in every platform (...)

July, 23th, 2019
WeCamGirls | Priscila Magossi of the New Camming Perspective is nominated for YNOT Awards
Being nominated for an Award is always honorable, because it can represent recognition for hard work. Such is the case of the nominations and recognition I have received from YNOT CAM AWARDS as the "Best Industry Representative" because of my development of the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (...)

July, 9th

It's wonderful to realize, that in a short time, there are those who are dedicated to creating an event only for the models, in order to make them feel proud of themselves and valued in the Industry. It also comes up with more humane and respectful categories aimed at reducing female objectification in the Live Camming Industry (...)

July 05th, 2019
AVN | Why Building Connections Is the Most Profitable Aspect of Camming
The “New Camming Perspective” stems from a scientific analysis of the camming market that led to the following specific research problem: Is the sexual connection between members and models the most profitable aspect of camming? (...)

June 25th, 2019

AVN | The Science Behind the New Camming Perspective

 social scientist Priscila Magossi, the author of New Camming Perspective, explains the difference between quantitative and qualitative research in order to understand how results are achieved (…)


June 18th, 2019

AW NEWS| NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE gets two awards at EXEC Awards at AWSUMMIT 2019

What turns a job into a career? This is a very personal answer, I can speak for myself; being recognized is very meaningful to my career, because it shows that my work is making a difference to others. It is not necessarily about getting prizes; it is also the little things, such as the feeling of belonging and mutual respect, perceiving value and complimenting never go out of fashion (…)

June 18th, 2019

WeCamGirls | My birthday, my life reflections:

Let’s celebrate my birthday with an outlook of my journey in the Camming Industry!

Today (June 18th) is my birthday, and unlike many years, this is a day of celebrating the moment that I finally found the purpose for life and its fulfillment through the New Camming Perspective (...)

June 3, 2019 

WeCamGirls |Women empowerment in the live camming industry

Competition nowadays leads to the necessity of men and women to prove themselves all the time in order to be regarded as successful in personal and professional terms. When it comes to women, unfortunately, this is even more evident. The exposure of their emotions is one the first things people often criticize, seeing them as an impediment to thrive (...)

May 31, 2019

AW NEWS |Meet the New Camming Perspective at AWSUMMIT

IImagine trying to fly with the fan like a cartoon. You probably won’t try at all, because you know, both from your empirical observation and from your physics lessons back in High school that it won’t work. So, you do believe in science! I would like to show that it is possible to do something similar in social sciences, to have scientific rigor in the Adult Camming Industry. Meet the(...)


May 31, 2019


The NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (2018) is an unique vision of the camming market based on scientific literature (such as C.G. Jung, D. Harvey, E. Morin, G. Debord, H. Pross, J. Baudrillard, J. Lyotard, P. Anderson, S. Freud, T. Adorno, U. Eco, Z. Bauman and other social scientists), that focuses on building connections (2016) between models and members through the social aspect of camming (2017) instead of analyzing it from the sexual one (...)

May 16, 2019 

AW NEWS | NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE: Increase your income investing on building connections

Human need for building connections is nothing new, but the introduction of this reflection to the camming industry is. The “SOCIAL ASPECT OF CAMMING” and related themes: are those views used in the Camming industry prior to 2016? Even now, is any association, besides the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE, describing the concepts pointed out, giving you bibliographic references to research topics even farther? (...)


May 13, 2019 

WeCamGirls | Boost your business building connections with the New Camming Perspective

Discover how the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE - supported by - is impacting the Camming Industry since 2016 and what’s the next trends at the Online Cam Summit for FREE (...)

April 05, 2019
AVN | Ideas Behind The New Camming Perspective communication scientist Priscila Magossi, author of " the "New Camming Perspective", explains trends in the adult camming industry (...)

January 14th, 2019

AVN | Why Not to Repress Cam Models' Emotions 

Most employees aren't very fond of their bosses and neither their tasks. Although some tasks are impossible to eliminate, some practices are not. Thus, making their job much more enjoyable (...)


June 15th, 2018

AVN | Examining Camming From New Perspective

As many of my readers are already well aware, I have been studying contemporary society from 2002 to 2014 and since 2015 I have been applying this pioneering theoretical knowledge to the live cams industry, focusing on how the new market is established, centered on a socio-cultural perspective (...)

October, 8th, 2018

AVN | How Social Media Factors in 'The New Camming Perspective'

When we begin to discuss social media, we first need to think about the human needs for social interaction—which is simply part of our nature. Cyberculture is our contemporary stage of technological civilization, based on virtual technologies and social media to establish social relationships, which has come to a point where online interactions between two people arouse the same feelings and emotions as face-to-face meetings (...)


April 25th, 2018

AW NEWS | The social aspect of a cam site 

In the interests of full disclosure, I would like to state that this article is not promotional/marketing material, nor a tutorial with tips for models to join any specific Live Cam Site. The discussion is focused on the social aspect of cam sites and the impact of social interactions on the quality of both personal and work life (...)

November 10th, 2017

XBIZ | Loyalty means business for the camming industry 
The main idea of this article is to explain that the higher the quality of life a studio or a cam site can offer a model, the more loyalty she will offer in return, and that’s what makes this area profitable and stable for models, studio owners and cam sites, because the models loyalty come together with her members loyalty as well (...)

May 10th, 2017
XBIZ | Understanding 'Camming Sociology' Can Enhance Interactions
After working for six years in the live cam industry as a cam model and almost double the amount of time studying — while working simultaneously — how relationships work in cyberspace, I am happy to present this article as a result of one of my theories about the business: the urgency of considering the importance of human interaction between models and members on all cam site platforms (...)

May 2th, 2017

AW NEWS | How to remain independent with the growth of live cam studios?

Studios have always been present on Live Cams Platforms, but there was been a big shift in the Industry in the last few years. How has it been affecting the whole environment and is it still possible to stay relevant in the business working as an independent Webcam Model? Yes, it is definitely possible! Read this article to learn more! (...)



April 6th, 2017

AW NEWS | The social aspect of camming

It’s important to reiterate that when live cam sites began to appear, there was very little distinction between porn websites and the Live Cam Industry. Back then, access to porn wasn’t as freely available as it is nowadays and members were mostly looking for sex. These days you can find all kinds of free porn; which means that trying to compete with free porn is a losing battle. Instead, the option that makes the most sense to me as a reseacher of the Camming Industry is to focus on the key factor that porn sites can´t match – the live interaction between the model with her members (...)

March 23, 2017

YNOTCAM| Stop Teasing! It’s Time to Build Connections
Veteran cam model believes creating relationships with clients is far more important than merely showing off sexually (...)


November 28th, 2016
AW NEWS | How to educate rude and impolite members in the room 

Demanding guests in Free Live Chat? Short private chats, with members who only want to jump straight into the action without any social interaction with you? Does this happen with every model? On all webcam sites? What could really be causing it? Is there a way to avoid these kinds of situations? What is the secret to having long Private VideoChats, high quality members while having more fun and less stress at work? Don’t worry, throughout this article you will discover the answer to these questions and more! (...)

October 28th, 2016

AW NEWS | A new perspective about social media

Over the last 10 years I have been studying the impacts of Cyberculture in the Post Modern Society in order to understand how interpersonal communication is established in the XXI Century. That’s my first article linking social science studies with the camming activity presented to AW News with the intention of introducing the first critical-reflexive thinking in the Adult Camming Industry in order to reduce female objectification online, thus, stimulating, women empowerment (...)