June 1st, 2019


Last year our staff here at Cam Life Magazine put together a list of the live webcam community’s biggest influencers. Most of 25 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and insiders were honored to include. But our list was not without controversy. We’re sure this will won’t be any different epically since we are doubling this year’s list of influencers to 50 (...)

January 18th, 2019

YNOT CAM | Livia’s Choice: A New Way to Think About Webcam Online (Q&A)

A name can tell a story of an individual’s life, indicating to some degree where and when one came into being. A name can also be symbolic, embodying the name giver’s idea of who one is — or, who they’d like you to be. A name can also be a reflection of your own self concept, showcasing how you see yourself and where perhaps you’d like the future to take you. This can certainly be the case when one selects their own name – kinda like when artists and models select a name for themselves. The name “Livia Choice” represents one woman’s urge to live a plentiful life and to choose her own fate (...)


July 31th, 2018

AW NEWS | Trends in the live cam business: what can come next? 

What is the trend for our industry you would bet all your money for the year to come?

Hm.. I would bet all my money on my own theory about the new perspective of understanding camming, applied only for premium cam sites - it’s worth to say that freemium cam sites have a very different dynamic and I am not studying it (...)


July 14th, 2018

CAM LIFE MAGAZINE | Interview LiviaChoice

Bender Cain here with Cam Life Magazine this issue of Cam Life we sit down with one of the biggest stars in the live Cam community the one and only LiviaChoice (...)


July 14th, 2017

XBIZ |  LiviaChoice embraces grand camming destiny

LiviaChoice fashions her fate, decides her destiny and lives her choice — namely, embracing the multi-faceted camming industry on every level, from perfecting performances to addressing academia. As scholarly as she is seductive, the ImLive-exclusive cam model harnesses her hard-earned P.h.D. savvy, as well as her tremendously popular camming platform, to forge powerful social bonds across numerous channels (...)


June 14, 2017
YNOT CAM | Livia’s Choice: Strategize to Make Your Room Your Own
What does your cam room say about you? If your answer is “nothing,” you must reconsider. Far from being unimportant, your room is another piece in the collective story of your online self, and you’d never say your nails, outfit or toys were insignificant, would you? (...)


April 6th, 2017
WECAMGIRLS | Is webcam modeling your only job or do you do other things beside it?
Besides being a Webcam Model, I am also a Scientist, with Ph.D. in Communication & Semiotics (the science of studying the ways people understand and mentally organize social phenomena). At this moment I am developing my own theory currently entitled "BUILDING CONNECTIONS": centered on the urgency of considering the social aspect of camming (...)

January 17th, 2017

ADULTWEBCAM NEWS | Interview with LiviaChoice

Today we had the privilege of interviewing Livia Choice a top online adult webcam performer who hosts her live cam shows at Livia Choice was recently voted, ‘Top Cam Girl‘ 2017 worldwide by fans and fellow industry professionals in the annual Adult Webcam Awards™. Livia Choice is also nominated for ‘Favorite Cam Girl‘ in the 2017 AVN Awards and was the winner for ‘Social Media Star‘ Winner at AWSummit in 2016. She is also a prominent speaker at adult webcam industry events and has been on 5 live adult webcams industry panels in all corners of the world. Here is the full interview (...)

April 9th, 2018
MAKE MONEY ADULT CONTENT | 8 Powerful Ways Webcamming Is Affecting People’s Lives Positively

One popular webcam model LiviaChoice who cams at ImLive (has multiple awards in the live cam industry and also a communication scientist with a Ph.D. in cyberculture), who cams on ImLive has this to say about webcamming and why men seek cam girls out (...)


August 13th, 2017
XBIZ | Why It Pays When Cam Models Block Cyberbullies

As she recently stated in an article of her own, LiviaChoice said that cam models should educate users firmly, but politely, and not be afraid to lose money from blocking and ignoring unkind visitors who persist. One thing new models may not realize is that the “mean” people in your chat room are never ones who will pay you any significant amount of money. The money you actually give up by blocking bullies is pretty much zero! (...)

June 12th, 2017
JUAN BUSTOS | Create emotional links with your users by educating them with love

The model @LiviaChoicex, who has been a professional webcamgirl for years, and is also a PhD in Communication and Semiotics, told  us about  the results she has obtained in her “cyberculture” studies and explained how  “online” relationships have achieved the same feelings and emotions as face to face interactions (...)