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2019 final resolutions

With 34 published articles in major Industry magazines and participating as a panel speaker in 15 seminars worldwide, finally, I am able to celebrate one of the greatest achievements of my career: no more need to introduce myself in the business.

Everywhere I go, people already know me as the "latina explosiva", the subversive researcher, with her radical point of view about the Live Cam Industry, who fights for human rights in this lawless land, without suppressing her emotions. 💙

In my last article, published on AVN this month, I have been discussing the main differences between freemium vs. premium camming.

Camming dynamics is more complex than meets the eyes. Just like there is not only one kind of person in the world, there is not only one style of camming. The understanding—without any moral judgement—that there are two different products in the same market could help the model to decide where she fits in. Her place in the world is not just the result of her physical traits but also a choice that might take into account her personality, lifestyle and goals at work.

Which is better for the model? How can she know that she is following the right path?

The answer is completely individual. The New Camming Perspective may not interfere in this choice, but may stimulate you to think long-term rather than just live by chance. This is why it is really important that we take time to think about the directions our lives are taking and try to make decisions that make sense to what we what you feel is best for you, and not just follow the flow.


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