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The Brazilian Camming Market Issues

Updated: Mar 23

Most recently, I have been noticing a greater interest for expanding camming in Brazil. Nevertheless, everyone wants "Brazilian models", but almost nobody wants to understand the Brazilian market.

Things can not work like that.

In order to succeed, it is essential to see the whole picture, rather than fragment it into departments that do not dialogue with each other.

Let me try to clarify a few essential points about the Brazilian market:

(1) There are no studios in Brazil

Not having studios in the country means that the technology is very precarious, so the models are unable to use cam sites that require external streaming, since they all work from their homes.

(2) The only 2 Brazilian cam sites mixed camming with pornography and escort services

That's the reason of why many of them do not feel comfortable to show their face on camera. The New Camming Perspective (NCP) is the only project in the country that tries to explain the difference between the services provided.

(3) These brazilian cam sites pay the models daily through their bank accounts It is quick and easy for them to get paid.

(4) The international payment methods do not work well here

If they can not be paid, how can they work on the cam sites?

  • Wire-transfer is not a viable option, taking into account the country's bureaucracy requires a formal justification about "the origin of the money" and the cam sites/payment methods will not provide it to them.

  • In Brazil, it is not common for people to have multiple documents, such as I.D., passport, and, driver's license. Many of them have only I.D. If the payment method requires 2 different types of documents, the models are unable to register.

  • It is also common for Brazilians to live with their parents until they get married, which means that many do not have proof of residence in their name. If the payment method requires it, they are also unable to create an account there, and thus, be paid.

(5) English is a big issue here It is not an easy task to find models who speak some English, since we do not learn a sencond language at school. That's why many Brazilian models prefer to work at Brazilian cam sites, interacting with Brazilian traffic only.


If you are interested in expanding your business in Brazil and to better comprehend the Brazilian market, please feel free to contact me:

On the NCP site, you can also find all the services this is project is providing to the Live Camming Business:


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