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Behind the Scenes: secretive and unfair practices in camming business

Updated: Jun 23

Cam models and employees, including CammiCams and Priscila Magossi, are speaking out about what they say are controlling contracts on the adult camming industry

(...) Priscila Magossi, 35, a Brazil-based social scientist with a Ph.D. started the New Camming Perspective, an initiative focused on human rights in the adult camming industry. She worked as a cam model on the site from 2010 to 2018, then as a consultant with the company until 2019, but no longer wants any images or videos from her camming days on the internet. However, old recorded videos of her camming on ImLive keep surfacing.

“I’ve already asked them so many times to remove it,” she says. “I’ve asked the [customer service] team, the compliance team, I’ve asked the representatives… And they don’t feel responsible for anything.

[Adrian] Stoneman tells the Daily Dot that “ImLive removes model content immediately at the moment the model deletes their account,” but acknowledges the possibility for ImLive content to turn up on other websites. “In this case, ImLive actively pursues its removal and also advises the model to reach out to the site involved,” he says.

Magossi shared a May 26 email she sent to ImLive’s CEO Yair Shai in which she laments that she’s been asking ImLive to take down her content for the past two years. In the email, she said there were 13 new search results for her ImLive performer name within a week. (Shai did not respond to the Daily Dot’s requests for comment.)

Magossi has resorted to hiring a service that looks for search results with her old performer name and removes them, which costs her $160 a month.

I didn’t allow them to make use of my image for the rest of my life,” Magossi says.

Magossi says she believes many current ImLive users are reluctant to talk publicly about the site’s practices.

This is an industry in which power is concentrated in the hands of a few,” she says, “and Imlive is still considered one of the big players.

“My intention to expose ImLive is not because I’m against ImLive as a company. It’s because I am against oppression in the scene, and I think the only way to change things is exposing what is wrong. If we remain silent, nothing will change.”

As of June 1, however, ImLive reduced its bonus credit payouts for models from 20% to just 12%, and ImLive models started discussing it on the forum Stripper Web. A thread previously made up of mostly Cammi’s complaints with the platform now features other models speaking out against ImLive’s practices.

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