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Dehumanization and violence

Marina Abramovic is a Serbian performance artist, who explores the relationship between the artist and audience, the limits of the body and possibilities of the mind. In one of her presentations, she claimed to an audience she would remain immobile for 6 hours, no matter what they did to her. So, she placed 72 objects on a table, some related to pleasure, others related to pain; flowers, feathers, perfumes, a knife, and a loaded firearm. She invited the audience to use whatever objects they wanted, in the way they wanted, in order to illicit a response from her.

Abramovic said: "First, they were peaceful and shy, but quickly the environment escalated to violence. What I learned was that if you leave the decision to somebody else, you can be killed. I felt raped; they cut off my clothes, they nailed rose thorns in my stomach, one person pointed the gun at my head, another one needed to keep it away from me. They created an atmosphere of aggressiveness. After 6 hours I got up and started to walk among the audience. People started to leave the room, they couldn't look me in the eye. They ran away from the confrontation".

This presentation reveals something terrible about humanity. It shows how quickly a person can hurt you when circumstances favor only them. It exhibits the ease in which one can dehumanize a person who does not fight for their rights. It also shows that, if the proper scenario is provided, most "normal" people will not be aware of the cruelty generated by a few others, who also seem "normal".

The performance of the artist Marina Abramovic is a very good example of why we can not remain passive and allow others to judge our value and have control over what type of recognition we deserve.

Regarding the Adult WebCamming Industry, we can easily associate that the same dehumanization is happening in front of our eyes since the day the vibe toys arrived to this business. How can a woman bestimulated by the platform to have a eletronic device inside her all day online begging to be controled by members to make a living?

The difference between Marina's performance and this business is that Marina can name it as violence (in other words, exactly what it is), while the models need to lie, remain passive and say it is all about "pleasure" even when the feature is called "MONSTER VIBE" (otherwise they will not be in the spotlight anymore).

It is what is, but the real question is always the same: how much truth can you handle?

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