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Ethics and Aesthetics

Imagine yourself studying formally for 20 years in a row and working in the same market segment for 10, but, begging to be paid for your job every month. Imagine yourself investing all your financial resources on your own project and a company sending you a contract that demanded the rights of your intelectual production (even after the termination of the contract) as well as the power to direct your research. Imagine yourself working for a boss who was almost every day telling you that you had "no value" and "a lot to prove, a lot to achieve". Imagine yourself dealing with chauvinist comments about how sexy you are and how big your breasts are every time you are talking about business. Imagine yourself sharing this experience with few women survivors that remain in the company, and they tell you that the same happens to them, that they cry every day at home, but we all need to be "strong" and "happy" because our job positions are awesome!!! _______ Now, imagine yourself finding out that these people who humiliated you, who tried to make you believe that social sciences is useless to the business and your place in the world is at home taking sexy pictures for social media, were, in fact, asking to different employees (men) of the company to apply your business strategy on your back? Now, imagine they publish a (sponsored) article on one of the major magazines of the market segment saying that they are the "visionaries", the author of the concepts, the ones who had this brillant idea! Now, imagine they on the stage, winning awards, and telling to the whole audience how innovative they are!! ___ I wonder how many people have gone through the same as me, got disappointed after insisting so much, and, thus, put their values and principals aside, for believing that they would never have enough success and recognition for acting in an ethical manner, and becoming an oppressor as well. My role in this world is to be the example: many tears are shed every day. Many times, I think about giving up. But I will not. Because if I do not believe the future can be a better place, nobody will for me. Because if I do not fight to stop all of this injustice, nobody will as well. I intend to stick to my moral values. Because I can always develop another concept since I am the real author of the New Camming Perspective (NCP). But what is it that they can do besides cutting down models' commissions (20% only), charge the models for the top host list positions, slash the staff, remove phone lines, to allocate funds for the sponsorship and write foolish cliché sentences, such as "celebrate the innovation".

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