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Freedom and power? Would that union be possible?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Why do people usually like power so much? One of the reasons is because power gives the impression that people respect those who have it ("what can happen to me if I disobey?"). But this is not exactly "respect", but fear. A fear that easily turns into hate over time, which is nothing to be proud of. The NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE studies are not looking for this kind of recognition. It is seeking the exact opposite. The more this approach grows, the more freedom premium camgirls can have on videochat and the more humane this Industry might get.

After all, The argument that "a model is free to do whatever she wants" is not valid when her traffic depends on the use of a particular tool of the camsite. This is not freedom. This is control of human behavior through the fear of making no money at work. Our slogan is "set your emotions free instead of teasing for free" and our mission is to empower camgirls, fighting for human rights, in a no-law land, through the introduction of formal science in the Live Camming Industry.

The precise definition of concepts with socio-cultural contextualization (social science) matters because this way we can all start having our own reflections about the reality we live in, which means start thinking whether our desires and thoughts are the fruits of what really matters to us or if it all comes from some pressure of any influential social group of the market segment we work in.

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