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When words mean more than "empty slogans" they usually come together with emotions. After all, every purpose of life was born from an emotion; thus, who has a purpose has emotions.

I do not see any reason to hide what I feel, especially at this moment, when I noticed that we have reached a point when tears (demonstration of humanity) shock people more than sex machines penetrating camgirls (dehumanizing human bodies) during all their time online.

The funny part (if there is any) is that nowadays the most used slogan is “be yourself”.

However, it has become quite obvious to me that this is only allowed to “be yourself” if you do not cry, do not scream, do not suffer, do not complain, do not think and smile while you accept your fate as part of the oppressive reality! (Does is make any sense at all?).

What is the limit? There are no limits if there are no human rights in the scene.

What is the next step, maybe a mix between horror and erotic? Anything can be the next step since people are being seing as products. (Of course, why worry about the models’ health if the money is coming in?).

The New Camming Perspective is not about myself, but a project - that became my purpose of life - that aims to discuss human rights in camming. I will protest until the end of my days for better work conditions for the models, doesn’t matter my job position in the scene.

In fact, my role here is not really try to change the mind of those who do not understand that models are also people — these people don’t even need to say “Hi” to me! — but to connect those that believe it is possible to build a more humane cam community, conciliating some human rights to a profitable business model and making a win-win for everyone.

Thanks so much AVN for publishing this article! I am really proud of this one!

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