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How inhuman is a tool called "Monster Vibe"?

In a quickly semiotics analysis it is saying: "I am under pressure to ask you to be a "monster" with me because this is the only possible way to make a living here".

Despite people feeling afraid of the ones in power, it is necessary to understand that barbarism just can reach its pinnacle because the oppressor knows that the oppressed will remain in silence.

So, if you are one of the oppressed, be aware that more aggressive practices could get even worse.

In a discussion today, I was told "but if the models/employees were not happy there, they would leave, just like you did".

Not really. The dinamics of this business is much more complex than meets the eyes.

The camming industry reach is massive but the big players are just a handful, which means that almost everybody follows the rules they impose. In practice it means if you contest what is imposed by one of them, you have no place to work in the Adult scene anymore.

Taken to an extreme, the way people in power act could be compared to some German Nazi officials. For example: (1) those who know exactly what they are doing, (2) those who know but don’t care, because they are following orders, and (3) those who suffer but don’t have a voice.

New Camming Perspective (NCP) has one of its main roles related to the development of a scientifically based theory that includes a practical approach to improve working conditions in the Adult Entertainment Industry, such as freedom and oppression.

In a fast-paced world that allows no time to really think and consider how our lives happen, it is easy to wake up one day and notice it is too late to change and to do the things we wanted. Back when the time was right, we were all too busy trying to make money and not really asking ourselves. Because of lack of critical reflection, we couldn’t get the chance to notice what is important for us and to act before it is too late, instead of only following the flow.


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