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How to recognize the real author of some business plan?

Has it come to your attention that no one quotes no one in the camming business? If any source of reference is requested and if no credit is given to anyone, then this means that plagiarism is consented openly!

It is problably hard to believe that the current state of affairs is not built upon the ideas of yesterday (sometimes, literaly). Thus, only the real author can present on her/his text/speech:

  • precise definition of concepts

  • argumentative coherence

  • logical articulation of ideas

  • absence of slogans/clichés


May 11, 2020 2:30 PM

The NCP studies have observed that our society isolates many people, including successful males who don’t have a social life because of several reasons, which include work, study, and unusual or non-mainstream habits. So, they spend most of their free time on the internet. Being reclusive doesn’t mean they want to be hermits. To the contrary. They might have a lack of social skills and self-confidence, but none of this means they would not like to build connections with a girl.

It is possible to understand this as categorizing profitable customers, such as the following groups, which could be included in one or more these:

  • Nerds: while this was a derogatory term in the past, currently its okay to call oneself a nerd, since the idea is related to someone who enjoys knowing about things. Why would this be a bad thing?

  • Gamers: anyone who plays a game is a gamer? Wrong! Gaming is a lifestyle that conditions many others of their lives.

  • Otakus: The fans of Japanese culture who love to consume anime, manga, hentai, etc.

  • Lonely hearts: the condition of modernity that impacts relationships making them shorter and trivial. We are all likely to be like this one moment or another in our lives.

The relevance of categorizing a group is understanding that people are different and their characteristics can be profiled. It is necessary to focus on what matters to each of these target consumers. Regarding the Social Traffic, they are not passive-aggressive people who are taking every chance to “monster-vibe” a girl.

Over the last 20 years, there has only been one kind of publicity related to camming: the “instant sexual satisfaction here” kind. As if every customer were looking only for “sex slaves". My reflections from observing the market during the last 10 years are that those who seek for instant sexual satisfaction are tipping on freemiums and the premium top models are making the largest part of their earnings from their regulars—the dating traffic. Having said that, the "Social Traffic" is untapped potential for the premium models, because the members are interested in hooking up with them. However, it is not suitable to deliver the same marketing campaigns to these two very different mindsets. 

The "Social Traffic" must be better understood and harnessed by the industry. So, different target consumers need different marketing campaigns. Not only do the members gain from this, but also the premium model and the studios that work with them because this kind of member is the one who spends more time in the models’ rooms and tends to return. 

The "Social Traffic" behaves in a different way than the traditional "Porn" and "Dating" traffic when in touch with the live-cam girls: the more personal the connection is, the longer they stay in the rooms and continue to come back for more. At this moment, I would like to express my thankfulness to Gaming Adult for believing in it!


May 12, 2020 1:00 PM

"We are very excited to have another collaboration with Gaming Adult. We are sure to have a similar or probably even bigger success story than in our previous campaign," said Tal Bar Cohen, CMO of ImLive.

"This concept really elevates both the camming and the gaming experience and brings enormous popularity for our models as well who can show their talents on a whole new level."

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