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Human rights in the Adult Camming Industry

#NewCammingPerspective didn't discover that people are not products. The idea that people have limits, needs and emotions  and it SHOULD to be respected and considered during the workflow is called #humanrights. Since the Camming Industry is a place with no laws regarding the human aspects and any camsite can develop its own guideline focusing only on statistics and profitability, everything can be expected as the next step (how much time the vibe toys needs to be replaced to fucking machines?) #NewCammingPerspective tries to find the balance between what might be profitable for the Industry and still tolerable for the Models, taking into account they are human being.

_____________________________________ - "Why to change if we are making money and growing? If one model doesn't want to do it, another one will do. No problem." - Why to start considering that people are people, not products? Have you already tought that theses girls might be someone you love, such as your wife or your daughter? How would you feel if you know that one of them were dealing with all the (1) emotional issues that come from the doublelife issues, (2) illegal disclosure of content on Google results, (3) guests/members who don't say 'Hi'/'Bye' and just demand "GET NAKED", "FUCK YOUR ASS", "SCREEN MY NAME" during 8h/day, every day, for years and years in a row? - "Are you crazy? Don't dare to insult my family! This is business, money matters, that's the point here." _______________________________ I just can't wait to see THIS kind of people going crazy when other scientists join the Industry, do more reseachers about it, go to the mainstream to share the results, and a huge moviment for human rights start here! :)

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