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Escort Services Deals: the dark side

Updated: Jun 23

When I worked in the market department of a cam site, I was pressured by the Sales and Business Developer to buy escort domain services in Brazil with my own credit card. He also lied to me saying that BedPage one of their greatest affiliates was a traffic company, but, in fact, it is an escort company.

Besides, the Sales and Business Developer also set up a dinner event in Portugal (2019), in which he invited the Models of the site to meet this "great affiliate" partner (BedPage). Obviously, without making all of us aware that we were dealing with an escort company!

BedPage's owners are the same ones who were running "BackPage"; an escort company service that "was shut down as it was alleged that their website was encouraging human and underage child trafficking" - and they are one of their affiliates.

Industry people who have this company as their partners, of course advised me not to expose this, because "no one would believe me". In fact, I am the only one who can do this because (1) I have proof and (2) I do not depend on the sponsorship of any abusive and oppressive company to survive in this world, in financial terms.

It is essential to expose this because Live Camming has nothing to do with Escort services.

We all need money to make a living, however, our partnerships reveal a lot about ourselves, and by keeping washing our hands in situations like these, we are stand next to those who commit them, as it encourages this to continue.

“Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. ”

Paulo Freire


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