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It Is What It Is, But the Real Question is: How Much Truth Can You Handle?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We are experiencing a global pandemic that scientists are comparing with the Spanish Flu (during mid-1918, Europe was hit by a pandemic where an estimated 25 million people died).

This COVID–19 pandemic is causing death, financial stress and social isolation. In other words, it is affecting all of us, worldwide. Everybody knows this, of course ― unless you are living in a cave.

However, what many do not know is that there is a major webcam platform around using its power of influence to ask their models to make fun of the situation in their new marketing campaign, such as like "playing the doctor wearing masks and/or washing their hands" (in order to entertain guests/members).

Contrary to a popular belief, the disposable mask does not prevent a healthy person from being infected (it is only useful to prevent an infected person from spreading the virus). The only model of mask that protects from COVID-19 is N95, but it is also necessary to wear glasses to be really protected. Once again, you might ask me: "Why do you keep exposing inhuman practices on the scene? Aren't you afraid of losing future jobs opportunities?" I do, but if I don't do this, no one will do it in my place. We all have the power to decide if the show really needs to go on like this...

―Is this a joke? The company you previously worked for is now asking models to tell funny and positive stories about the coronavirus in their new marketing campaign?

― It is not a joke. It also is the same company that wants the whole cam community to believe they are the “visionaries”, the real authors of the social traffic business strategy.

― But does anyone believe the same person who investigated a new source of traffic and brought it to the business, is today asking people to make fun of a tragedy like this pandemic?

― I don’t know, they pay sponsorships.

― But are you taking print screens of all of these barbarities?

― Nobody cares ...

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