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Priscila Magossi is nominated BEST INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVE at YNOT AWARDS due to the New Camming Perspective Studies

Being nominated for an Award is always honorable, because it can represent recognition for hard work. Such is the case of the nominations and recognition I have received from YNOT CAM AWARDS because of my development of the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE: scientific studies that aims to separate the old perspective (porn and female objectification) from the new one (members and models social interaction that establishes bonds and leads to a more humane treatment).

Previously, I was elected the “Cam Model Representative”. It was real game changer in my career and as a matter of fact, I have engaged in this role as much as I can. The Award strengthened the NEW CAMING PERSPECTIVE, allowing me to promote these ideas more easily because of a greater receptivity. Due to this recognition, I managed to take part in more summits, both in person and online, publish more articles, develop my own site and could establish a strategic collaboration with ImLive (the first webcam platform to officially position itself in favor of models’ quality of life).

Having said that, I am really happy for the current nomination of “Best Industry Representative”, which means that my research has managed to reach I wider audience and is regarded as meaningful to our industry.


· Industry Execs:

My task is to deliver strategies that will allow to optimize the workflow and also influence the perception of consumers about what to expect from the adult web cam industry.

One of the greatest problems in our industry nowadays is to deal with the prevalence of free porn, which include every single type of fetish. Propositions as put forward by the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE are meant to extenuate crisis by providing alternatives to deal with issues such as disappearing customer base.

A solution presented in these studies is to promote camming as a service that focuses on interactivity and connections, instead of instant sexual action. The idea is to completely separate camming from porn in order to reach another target consumer (social traffic).

· Models:

This award means a greater chance to keep representing the models (even from the executive categories). It means that we can join forces and overcome the difficulties that had been completely hidden behind glamorous marketing.

Some of these issues can be pointed out as: (1) difficulties of social insertion due to prejudice, (2) anxiety and other negative psychological effects that result from the indoor isolation while not knowing if there will be constant traffic of members. Furthermore, (3) being treated as an object or bullied may result in low self-esteem and depression.

All of this hinders the models’ productivity and well-being. The NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is all about strategies to overcome these nuisances. This approach is focused on the social reinsertion of models from a new understanding of camming in which models are not an object that is controlled by men, but a person that has emotions, needs, and limits.

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