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Major webcam platform changes its campaign after NCP exposed its irresponsibility

Recently, I wrote an article for AVN, published on April 15th, explaining the seriousness of the situation we are experiencing at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis, and exposing a company that was currently making fun of it, trying to capitalize on the suffering of others through very irresponsible marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Models: "Coronavirus Stories - Any hosts who actually have the virus and are still camming and using the site to talk about their symptoms, experience with the virus, etc."

  • Affiliates: "Let’s make the best of this situation! Watch your earnings grow while simply sitting at home!"

The public embarrassment probably bothered, added to the coherent analysis of the market: that people in solitude are the most profitable kind of people for camming marketing at the moment are the ones who are feeling loneliness, since panic affects male (and female) libido, so trying to take advantage of hypersexualized girls making fun of the situation would not generate more profits for the company itself.

Most recently, on April 26th, the same company canceled the previous campaign and launched a new one: "Stay Home Don't Date", sharing a very important message: "The mission is to tell the whole world that they should continue to be careful".

That's all: The traditional annual party "Cinco de Mayo" has also been canceled. Probably, something else related to the COVID-19 campaign is coming up in a much more responsible, ethical and adequated way for this moment now!

Honestly, I wouldn't like to be this person who needs to expose others when they violate human rights, but unfortunately, it is only through public embarrassment that changes happen.

After all, if I don't do it, no one will in my place, since we all live in a world mediated by money and it makes sense to try to preserve our jobs. Fortunately, I do not depend financially on this Industry, so I can assume this role!

Check out the article that has been influcieng some people and companies in the business to reflect about their inhumane marketing campaigns, published on AVN (April, 15th):


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