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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Imagine trying to fly with the fan like a cartoon. You probably won’t try at all, because you know, both from your empirical observation and from your physics lessons back in High school that it won’t work. So, you do believe in science! I would like to show that it is possible to do something similar in social sciences, to have scientific rigor in the Adult Camming Industry. Meet the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE at AWSummit, 4th-6th June, 2019!

Since AWSummit has a new educational approach for this year edition and the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE will be present with yours truly, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to get in touch with models and affiliates, in order to both present our proposal and reach out to you.

Our science needs to be close to the target, who are:

1.) The models that want to see the benefits of building connections. In order to get better results and earnings, the models must be interested and interesting. Teasing in Free Live Chat belongs to the past because what matters for us now is the SOCIAL TRAFFIC.

2.) The affiliates that understand the value of camming as a completely different activity from watching porn. Even if models get to fulfill some of the members’ sexual desires, the crucial aspect is that there is a social bond that can be enough to act as a sort of relief in an increasingly lonely lifestyle connected to this day and age.

There are some scientific elements that provide us with a direction in undertaking the research, reaching results, and predictions about the adult entertainment industry, which is itself a very part of society.

Learn more at: http://awnews.com/5473-2/

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