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During the last few years (2016-2020), the New Camming Perspective (NCP) has been studying the camming scene in order to assess the reality of social practices and to put forward more humane modus operandi in this area. This approach considers that a very significant role of this business is offering companion (and other emotions as well) in an increasingly lonely society. The empirical assessment related to scientific literature paved the way for the following concepts:

1. Building Connections (2016) is the first principle derived from observation of the nature of the relations that take place in camming. Contrary to traditional marketing beliefs, the most competitive aspect of camming is the of verbal interaction between human beings, and it is what distinguishes from the porn industry, basically focused on explicit sexual content. That is why during the training, the need for models to focus on building connections with their members on videochat is enforced (by improving their communication skills) instead of teasing them in Free Live Chat.

2. The Social Aspect of Camming (2017) as the name implies. It relates to the necessary knowledge to understand society and from this social-cultural analysis that explain the relationships (a) between models and members, and also (b) models and industry, and (c) models themselves.

The two previous concepts applied together lead to the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (2018), which is defined as a shift in paradigm in the camming industry that introduces the human condition of sociability in an environment that so far was reduced to sexuality only.

3. The lost battle against free porn forced the investigating for a new source of traffic, one that is neither from dating nor from porn, but focused on a niche that was not interested in this competition. Social Traffic (2019) is defined by a heterogeneous group of people coming from other areas of the internet unrelated to sexual content, such as the otakus and gamers. It guarantees the possibility that a camgirl can develop a relationship which takes into account these human needs: the sense of caring, affection and empathy, as well.

The application of the totality of concepts developed so far by the NCP lead to the idea of Mainstream Camming (2020): the next level of the online entertainment business, which values women because of their skills:

•empathy and desire to communicate with others; •cultural knowledge together with verbal ability; •caring about oneself and dressing properly for the situation, first stimulating connection and then, in private only, being sexy and playful. 

The sum of these factors means a huge harm reduction concerning the difficulty of a model presenting herself socially, as well as favoring a more humane treatment from the customers.

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