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NCP in the Brazilian Major Mainstream Media

Updated: Feb 11

How covid-19 has been affecting sexual relationships?

This week, the major brazilian mainstream magazine, VEJA, contacted the NewCammingPerspective (NCP) again in order to better understand how male libido tends to be affected during the pandemic Covid-19 in mid-long terms.

These are moments that people are isolated from social life and faced with few entertainment options. Real sex is off limits for single people who respect the quarantine. Then, pornography and camming are some of the first things to cross the mind of the average man. However, is human behavior so easy to predict in mid and long terms? Social sciences allow us to question and see the complexity of things while trying to understand the subjectivity of the world. Let’s ask ourselves: Why are people at home? Are they on vacation or quarantined to try to preserve humanity?

  • While people are staying more at home, they are not necessarily in the mood to consume erotic entertainment. First of all, there are many married consumers who are at home with their wives and kids.

  • Secondly, the ones who are alone might also be in panic, and nervous people are not necessarily going to spend more time and money on this product since they are worried about their survival and those of their beloved ones.

  • Thirdly, governments are uncertain of what they should do and people are even more. The number of unemployed in USA has increased substantially as virus spreads: 6.6 millions according to BBC.com. Panic affects male libido, as well the feeling of loneliness increases in mid-long terms. Regarding camming, the models who have good communication skills are profiting from it and the loneliness that men are feeling. For this reason, marketing campaigns should focus on companionship and affection, and not only on erotic pleasure products ― such as has been pointing out by NCP studies since 2016.

Having a indenpendent project in Adult mentioned 3 times in only 2 weeks in the major mainstream media of your own country is a kind of achievement that is only possible to be reached for those who are free from double-life, i.e., really proud of themselves.

Read more at: https://veja.abril.com.br/saude/como-o-coronavirus-afeta-os-relacionamentos-sexuais/?fbclid=IwAR3MZIw8Y-aj2sdjUb5F1lBmfh4MRIRGR4aUq544VE-kvIsjT7zMaLQq3js

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