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NCP introduces the Model Rep., Juliana Villegas

NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is proud to announce our Model Representative, Juliana Villegas, a camgirl rights activist who lives one life only! Yeah, that's her real name!

In the industry, it is very common to use the concept Brand Ambassador in similar situations to this one: a model is the face of a project or a business. However, such definition, per, sees the person only as a pretty thing that tells what the company has decided they want to say. This is a passive position for the ones who do the job: they lend their image without being able to give their opinion, especially if it is a critical one. 

All of this reduction of human beings into how useful they can be is the opposite of what the New Camming Perspective (NCP) believes in: a business environment where the workers and representatives can develop their individual talents, without having their creativity reprehended. Such is the case of the NCP Model Representative, Juliana Villegas, who has come up with her own campaign that promotes donations to pregnant cam girls during the quarantine in exchange for her videos and pictures. 

Just as we expect models to be able to develop and become more successful, in all possible aspects, the project has been through its ups and downs. As many of the readers are already aware, the New Camming Perspective (NCP) worked in collaboration with a major webcam platform from its embryonic condition until its consolidation (2010-2019).

Due to divergencies in beliefs, opinions, and values, the project parted ways with such business and remains closer to what it stands for: distancing premium camming from porn, in order to help the cam girls fit in socially, is one of the priorities of the project, as well as promoting self-care for the body and the mind.

Meanwhile, the major webcam platform was setting deals with escort agencies and demanding the models wear a vibe toy fulltime to be on the first page; hoping for the “monster vibe” to make some money. For this reason, the collaboration is definitely over and the focus of the project shifted to the Brazilian market, one with untapped potential.

So, the core values of this project are to belief that there is intrinsic value in every human being, that oppression is contrary to this development. The NCP is the intersection where talent meets passion and freedom giving shelter to beautiful faces and minds.

Read more about the project itself and meet Juliana Villegas:

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