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New Camming Perspective in Brazil

This weekend, I experienced one of the most special moments of my life, in which I had the opportunity to present the New Camming Perspective to the first Brazilian camgirls' event.

For the first time in all these years, I spoke to an audience that really wanted to hear - instead of judge - me.

We realize there is sincere admiration when the main curiosity is about our personal trajectory and not about our financial success. (Thank you so much for that, girls!)

In a world where so many people believe the greatest prize is the (empty) glamour and the (5 min of) fame, I am here to say that respect is the real prize!

Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on your side in the scene) it is something that is only conquered from ethical and libertarian work.


Congratulations for being so brave, Rebecca! Dealing with the unknown is exactly the pioneer's mission in the world!

Thanks for the kind invitation, Ju! It was really a pleasure for me to be part of all of this!

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