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NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE: The first gender equality movement in the Industry

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When I think about strong women, I think about those who are determined and uncompromising. Well, apparently, it goes against established social patterns which are expected from women. After all, what is the general expectations for women? In general our society expects women to be positive, docile, compliant and silent about their needs, issues, fears and desires.

That’s why when a woman acts differently, in a strong way, and fights for what she believes or even if she only says what she thinks, her image is incorrectly associated to negative behavoirs of intolerance, coldness, rage and hatred. And actually that’s only free behavoir.

On the other hand, when we think about men, their behavior is related to independence and fight, which are seen as positive qualities. They're also part of the mindset of business leaders.

Let’s think about, Jeff Bezous, the Amazon founder. His audacity elevated the status of Amazon while going against stablished methods operating at minimal cost investing the majority of profits back in to the company and pionering strategies of industrial revolution 4.0 (high-tech strategy that promotes better uses of computerized data analasys to implement solutions addressing issues of manufacturing and distribution).

Would a woman have the same chances of introducing a new product in the market she works? Would she count on the support of her peers, or would they keep asking her to prove herself? In a competitive world like this one, would she have time and decent conditions to prove the real value of her product or would the competition do it before?

When men and women work together, it is very common that independent of the job position, men expect women to be more passive. Almost everybody still gets scared about strong women who are focused on reaching their goals, or standing up for their proposals.

But, the question is: is there any possibility of changing that social stigma? If so, how?

Well, remaining passive won't help at all.

Nevertheless, we must also consider there is no historical rupture regarding social and cultural aspects. What there is related to historical ruptures are related to economic aspects, which happen through wars and revolutions.

However, I don't believe anyone will get together and plan a revolution due to social dissatisfaction if the economic conditions are still variable. Even if models don't have quality of life yet, even if they still use stage names to hide from social stigma and feel obligated to live double lives...

That's why the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is being developed based on social science literature to prove that quality of life is related to higher productivity (economic aspect).

That's also how we can change the future of camming and finally empower women in a efficient way.

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