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Once in a Lifetime

What about living in quarantine? What about living away from the spotlight and sponsorships for a few months? What about building a world in which only those who have some talent will succeed?

When the world is plagued by a pandemic, money no longer controls anything. The old captalism modus operandi of value recognition is dead.

Welcome to the new world. A world in which only those who cooperate with each other will survive.

I was born ready for this moment; to see people as people, and whoever didn’t want to see the whole picture, will be obliged now to reflect about it. Is this distopia going to lead to a utopia? Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, it had to be this way.

"You made me doubt, you made me fear But now Im not the same You took my life, my unborn son...

Beyond the waves... I will be free While all the others are praying ...And this time I´m not scared of you 'Cause there is nothing left to loose

The love in you, it does not burn, There is no lesson you can learn And there are sounds you cannot hear, And there are feelings you can´t feel"


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