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Reflections from Damaged Life

During my life, I've constantly felt empty and lost in the world; sad and helpless, like a "fish out of water". Everyone seemed to belong to something or, to someone, except me. I tried to follow the flow and adapt myself to what I thought should be "more adequate" during most of my life, but I failed in all of these attempts. The fact is what the vast majority of people around me considered "having fun" sounded like torture to me. I don't like going to the beach (salt water with sand and warm weather, all together, doesn’t seem good combinations to me).

I don't really know how to appreciate a free time at spa (my thoughts and reflections are always claiming for some action!).

I'm not crazy about traveling on vacation (why everybody thinks is so nice to see in person everything that is displayed on Google images? Lol).

I don’t really care about food (I do not even have a cooker at home!).

I feel very nervous when I need to interact with strangers’ face-to-face.

The result of so many forced attempts to be "like everyone else" has always been disastrous. For example: friendships that didn't suit me because they did not understand me and a life at a whole that had nothing to do with the way I wanted to live.

My happiness began when I finally accepted who I am, which implied being a bit different than most people. I feel that my life is making sense when I am studying, reflecting, traveling for business and generating change in the world that could bring benefits for a lot of people, which is only possible when I am in contact with the ones I trust and admire.

Besides, I can only be productive at work and in my life when I am dealing with people who value who I am and who allow me to set my emotions free.

With this perspective, I consider myself lucky, to finally have found so many supportive people who encourage the development of my individual talents, which may differentiate me from the majority, and make me who I am today. So many thanks for the ones who are by my side!

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