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Who let the dogs out?

Cyber-security researchers from BBC News have found an open folder on PussyCash's Amazon web server that contained 875,000 files related to over 4,000 models. The journal is calling it "Public Humiliation". Other media outlet are also discussing about this issue all over the world, such as: DailyStar, WeCamgirls, 9NEWS, vpnMentor, CamLandPodCast, and, LeMonde (in french).

It is a blunder to remember:

These are cloud folders that are hired from Amazon to store data which can be used to serve data to web sites and other uses. A relevant question to be raised is why was this PussyCash folder open to anyone and not secured behind encryption? How could one of major players in the Adult camming industry not put enough effort in protecting its models privacy?

It is too early to jump to conlcusions, yet it is not impossible to imagine that there could be an exchange of data between businesses. Just as, it might not be a coincidence that only top models have their scenes leaked and spread out in many different free services (ad based revenue). In practice it means that it might not only be the members who are recording sessions and publishing them around, but also there could be some kind of inside business agreement.

Keeping it in secret is the same as allowing it to continue recklessly.

One reason to fuel this fire is that it forces the companies to position themselves, either as responsable for or negligent about their business model. We acknowledge from where they stand, which players are working seriously and which of them are just surfing the crest of the wave on others misery. Let's make it clear that there are many serious businesses and it is not fair that they are put all in the same bag.

PussyCash is part of a group controlling the following adult webcam platforms:

ImLive(.com), Supermen(.com), Shamale(.com), Sexier(.com), Fetish Galaxy(.com), IDesires(.com), Whiplr(.com), Supertrip(.com), and, CamsCreative(.com).

Not only these, but this group also controls the virtual cryptocurrency PumaPay.

A lot of critical data responsibly! Scaring..

The following are a collection of articles that depict this crisis:

BBC NEWS | Thousands of porn stars' intimate details 'exposed online'

DAILY STAR | Porn stars’ intimate details ‘exposed online by adult website’

WECAMGIRLS | Security leak at ImLive / Pussycash

9NEWS | Exclusive: Australians involved in online pornography data breach (ImLive)

VPNMENTOR | Report: Adult Site Leaks Extremely Sensitive Data of Cam Models

CAM LAND PODCAST | PussyCash exposes ID documents, personal info of over 4,000 models

LE MONDE | Sites pornographiques : les données de 4 000 « camgirls » exposées sans protection en ligne


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