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Stand Up For Your Rights!

A model named "CammiCams" had her account terminated on ImLive because she was not "happy" with the new (abusive) rules of the site. "Toxic Positivity" is a mandatory there.

At this time, the models' commission had been reduced from 30% to 20%. From this moment on, she started a big movement against oppressive work practices there.

Check out what happened to the model in short X med-long term:

  • In short-terms, she just lost her account and felt upset about it (because it was not fair at all).

  • However, she remained focused on her purpose: From this moment on she decided to expose them everywhere (Adult, Mainstream, etc). After some weeks, what is ImLive doing now (med-terms effects)? They unblocked her and they are even giving "likes" on her tweets!

On the other hand, what happened to those who chose to remain passive?

  • Their commission was reduced to 12% only when it comes from "Bonus Credits". However, neither the model nor the member know when the show is being paid with "Real Credits" or "Bonus Credits"! Such situation of not knowing how much will be recieved after a private show might cause depression, panic or anxiety attacks, and anger (for obvious reasons).

  • Many of them are being threatened to have their accounts terminated if they complain about it.

I hope this situation could be an example for so many.

Stand up for your rights! Otherwise, be aware that more aggressive practices could get even worse. After all, the oppressors only feel comfortable to do what they do because they know the victims are all passive.

Don't be afraid of the "powerful ones"! In mid-long terms, you have nothing to lose! But they do!


PRACTICAL TIPS - How to cause public embarrassment against the oppressor?

  1. Check out (often!) which #Hashtags the oppressive company is using;

  2. Expose the abusive work practices;

  3. In the same post, use their #Hashtags, thus, everytime someone look for them, they will find you too (and the truth!)


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