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Updated: Feb 11

Nobody is born a camgirl. A woman can be naturally sexy and exhibitionist, but working as a camgirl requires structure: emotional support, knowledge of the market, techniques and work strategies. This structure is what the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE offers.

The New Camming Perspective (NCP) is defined by the struggle for human rights in the Live Cam Industry through a new understanding of the relationships between: (1) models and members, (2) models and platforms, (3) models among themselves.

These relationships are thought to be more humane, because of their critical nature.

Models who support this project deem their work, in front of the camera, as an artistic expression of both their sensuality and identity. This necessarily includes self-care and the development of an emotional connection with their members.

If the development of this research caught your interest and you would like to help it to continue, I would like to let you know that your vote really counts. Choose to nominate the "New Camming Perspective" as "Best Live Cam Coach" and let's keep boosting our businesses building connections: http://vote.livecamawards.com

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