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The "Drama" of Removing Content in Adult

I would like to state that the purpose of this text is to contribute to general well-being in the form of a struggle for respect and human dignity, and not to offend those who work in the business and also not to scare who is not in it. The issue I want to bring up is that it is unfair that people respectfully working in the adult entertainment scene as performers and executives be seen as equal to those who are involved in abusive practices.

Having said that, it is very easy to recognize the discourse of an oppressor: whenever one demands respect, they try to blame the other side. "Drama" is one of their favorite words. For them, it replaces the following ones: RESPECT, DIGNITY and/or HUMANITY.

On the other hand, it is also possible to recognize righteous people and businesses: they never make anyone feel guilty for demanding respect. What’s more, for them it is not even necessary to ask such, because it is a part of who they are.

Now let's check out a practical example of how dehumanization and abuse of power happens in Adult scene.

After almost 2 years begging to have my content deleted from CamLifeMag, the CEO of the magazine, just answered me today:

- "I'm real tired of this"

- "I did you a favor by publishing your articles not the other way around"

- "They will get deleted in our time "

- "Making you happy is not our priority "

- "The more you harassed them the longer it will take to get it done

- "I don’t need your drama"

The funny part is that it took him more time to write this long message then to delete the content I had requested.

The reason why I want this to be deleted is because I was not given the chance to my photos they chose had not been agreed on, as well as the quotes from my social network accounts, which were taken out of context. If I were dealing with sensible, I would not need to explain that when collaborating with a media outlet, it is not good manners to collect photos and pictures from several places that were not in the agreement.

By the way, what do they get from keeping up content that isn’t meant to be there? To the power hungry oppressors reflections do not matter. What does matter is believing that they are beyond good and evil and there will not ever be any consequences to the actions they take.

I wonder how many people are in similar situations as many but afraid to act? Fortunately, it is the independent nature of the New Camming Perspective (NCP) that allows me to voice all of this.

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