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The Mainstream Camming: the next level of the Online Business Entertainment

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

New Camming Perspective studies believes the time has come to complete separete premium camming from pornography

The "Mainstream Camming" (2020) is defined by the complete separation between premium camming vs. freemium camming & pornography.

The application of its methodology aims to prospect the "Social Traffic" (2019) as new customers to models' room and to introduce the social media mainstream influencers as new models to the Industry.

In operational terms, the "Mainstream Camming" (2020) sets the next level of the OnLine Business Entertainment:

  1. the consumer can develop the desire to return to the same performer and this regularity constitutes a genuine strategy that can guarantee more dignity, both in term of high profit margins and quality of life for the performers.

  2. the performers can finally have the chance to minimize many emotional issues related to work in Adult Entertainment, such as the difficult of introducing themselves socially.

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