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The NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE gets two awards at EXEC Awards

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Terpon and DivaTraffic recognize the value of social studies in the Adult Camming Industry at AWSUMMIT 2019

What turns a job into a career? This is a very personal answer, I can speak for myself; being recognized is very meaningful to my career, because it shows that my work is making a difference to others. It is not necessarily about getting prizes; it is also the little things, such as the feeling of belonging and mutual respect, perceiving value and complimenting never go out of fashion. Following this last trip to Romania, I am really thankful to AWSummit 2019 for the amazing time and chance to represent the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE.

The NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is a new understanding of the entire adult camming industry, which includes not only the relationship between models and members, but the whole market analysis. Based on social science, it takes into account the SOCIAL ASPECT OF CAMMING, instead of reducing the cam girls into mere toys of male pleasure, without emotions. This is a pioneering formal study about camming that also looks into the porn industry, the mainstream media, and social behavior in order to draw conclusions. The objective is to maximize profit, retain return customers, offer better working conditions and female empowerment. This approach has been around since 2016, and it has started to influence the industry with the first discussions, reflections and seminar about such themes, as well as new award show categories and new services specialized in protecting models integrity on the internet.

All this work was recognized at the EXEC Award this year by two awesome companies, which I would like to honor in this note:

TERPON, represented by Valérie and Jean-Claude Artonne, and is a company that presents a breakthrough: it is all about innovation! They intend to predict the market by shaping it themselves; their 3D camera means virtual reality that is a real game changer in the future of interaction in camming. They are also concerned about their responsibility to promote healthy sexuality and female empowerment. This made me absolutely proud of standing by them on the stage, and knowing that they trust the NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE is really inspiring.

DIVA TRAFFIC, directed by Therese Johnsen and Thomas Pederson, is one of the biggest traffic companies in our industry: they offer the best possible traffic to models and studios and also to camsites. I had no idea that Therese and Thomas had heard about my work, let alone could I imagine that they would give me an award!

It’s times like these that show me I’m not alone and everything I have faced was worth it, not only to myself but to others. Sometimes I have the impression that people think that my journey has been easy, but they have no idea about the challenges I have had to face daily and how often I still listen, that I still have “a lot to prove and to achieve”. Yes, it is not time to settle down yet. I will keep working not to have to listen to this again.

Let’s keep on fighting for the things we believe in. Even if it is difficult to go against the established paradigm, Terpon and DivaTraffic are here to show that there are companies that are keen to see some changes and innovations. I am really honored to be on their side at this moment. Thanks again for this moment!

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