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The Right Of The Image In Adult

A photo or video cannot express everything a person really is. It is just an instant of their life. It takes developing sensitivity to understand that having no say on the pictures that are chosen to represent you can affect the ideas that others have about us.

Many will only meet the photo and not the person, thus, judgments will be made according to what is seen. What if the image that represents you was not the one you agree on. A businessman gets to decide what pictures will be used to introduce the image he wants you to have of him.

Why should it be different with camgirls?

It is not my objective to offend anyone, just to bring up something that happens quite often. When a camgirl requests her content is removed, many media outlets respond like the following examples:

  • “but if you are/were a camgirl, what are you complaining about?!”

  • “We can not remove it because it will affect the credibility of our magazine!”

  • “what about if all camgirls started asking to take their content down only because they did not like the pics we chose for them?”

  • “All the doors in the business will be closed for you if you keep insisting on that!!!”

This oppressive speech usually comes from those who have a lot to hide and ironically love to pretend they are the guardians of moral and ethics. They do that whenever they think that their victim is fragile.

One does not have to study all the books to feel that power is concentrated in the hands of few. However, we can learn from them many important lessons about the reasons why people act as they do. In books like "The Prince" from Machiavel, “the ends justify the means”, and between “fear or love”, if a ruler has to choose, it should be the first!

Fortunately, it is the independent nature of the New Camming Perspective (NCP) that allows me to take on this role of caring for the cam community while addressing things that hurt but are not voiced by those in more fragile positions, out of fear of backlash, such as losing their traffic, not being nominated to any (sponsored) award, encountering closed doors by the business, just because one expects to be treated with respect.

Taking all of this into account: Our eyes can only read as much as we let them. For the powerful ones might seem like a normal practice to expect others to receive the “monster vibe” while drinking champagne in a jacuzzi. But it is not.

If it is possible to develop a business model that considers the well-being of all parts involved, why choose the opposite of this?

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