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The Social Traffic: a new source of traffic for the Camming Business

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

New Camming Perspective studies investigates an alternative source of traffic for camming in order to deal with the lost battle against free porn

New Camming Perspective (NCP) is a financially independent project that has been developed since 2016, based on Social Sciences. Its aim is to focus and highlight the human condition of reciprocity that allows camgirls to be treated as people ― someone that is feels, dreams, and suffers ―, and not only as playmates ready to please men on webcams. This perspective’s success and feasibility depend on a few conditions such as: models’ self-care and the development of an emotional connection with their members.

In the beginning of 2019, the NCP has consolidated the most recent concept: the "Social Traffic", which means a kind of consumer who is looking for connection rather than instant sexual satisfaction. The official presentation was done during the 3th edition of the OnLine Cam Summit and can still be watched on Youtube:


Who is the "Social Traffic"?

Gamers, otakus and lonely hearts in general.

Why are they the "Social Traffic"?

Our society isolates many people, including successful males who don’t have a social life because of several reasons, which include work, study, and unusual or non-mainstream habits. So, they spend most of their free time on the internet.

Being reclusive doesn’t mean they want to be hermits. To the contrary. They might have a lack of social skills and self-confidence, but none of this means they wouldn’t like to build connections with a girl.

Everything can be different in the online world: they feel like superheroes, no cold feet!

The "Social Traffic" behaves in a different way than the traditional "Porn" and "Dating" traffic when in touch with the live cam girls: the more personal the connection is, the longer they stay in the rooms and continue to come back for more!

In business terms, it definitely means that the "Social Traffic" shouldn't be overlooked!

Learn more about all the concepts of the NCP theory and its application to the business at: https://www.newcammingperspective.com/theory-1

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