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The strength of fragility

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We usually don't see emotional people in business or in academia due to the fact that common sense relates over-sensitivity to weaknesss.

Thus, when the first onset of tears, screams, or any "nonstandard" reaction manifest, the rational ones get scared by the lack of "appropriate behavior". The sensitive ones usually feel oppressed and soon give up on their journey.

The funny part (if there is any) is that apparently any ethical and moral deviation in this world is totally acceptable if the social behavior is "adequate".

By the way, I am very emotional. I often cry in public and when the topic of discussion touchs me deeply (such as work for free), sometimes I scream as well. Neverthess, I don't even try to control it.

Having (too many) emotions is a specific trait of personality and showing it in public is just a demonstration of humanity. Someone needs to be the first one to be proud of being emotional.

I am that person.

Let me point out that every purpose of life is born from an emotion. My project was conceived from a feeling of indignation: why hide the pain we feel?

"Toxic positivity" doesn't get us anywhere. On the contrary, it only completely numbs the possibility to deal with reality as it is.

My mentor at the University, Dr. Eugênio Trivinho, told me on the first day of class that without passion it is not possible to develop science, since it is a long, lonely, and winding road and only by bearing true devotion that comes from real emotions, the scientist will not give up.

That's exactly how I feel.

Regarding my journey in the Industry, not everyone agrees with the radical stance the New Camming Perspective follows, covering both ethical and political issues in the world. Nevertheless, everyone realizes how passionate I am for this project.


- Sometimes a weakness can emerge as a strength if the context changes -

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