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We can all talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The discontent of the civilization is related to how culture educates us to reproduce the malaise that we once suffered while absorbing it.

Such as the cult of efficiency related to industrial processes in every aspect of life: if there is something can be become a product to be sold, it should be done.

The rhythm of our lives is controlled by the logic of time and space compression, which is everywhere and all that we do should be done with industrial precision, pressure, deadlines, and huge competition, all while wearing an ear to ear smile and repeating some prearranged nonsense:

• “We are family!” • “What a supportive community!” • “We are so passionate about it all”.

When the cameras go off, the first thing we hear is:

• “There is no friendship in business!” • “If you don’t do it, there are plenty of others who will do the job!” • “You are right but you can not say that in public otherwise any other company will feel comfortable to work with you!

The funny part – if there is any (?) – is that those people who have never questioned the reality tend to even defend such oppression.

A reflection can be infered from this zeitgeist: are we doomed to this fate? To reproduce the very discomfort that we suffer from?

The machine that smiles might be crying inside, this includes me and you.

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