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What happens when I'm finally set free?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Yon-Rogg: “Can you keep your emotions in check long enough to take me on? Or will they get the better of you as always?”

Carol Danvers/ Veirs: “I don't have to prove anything to you"


Competition nowadays leads to the necessity of men and women to prove themselves all the time in order to be regarded as successful in personal and professional terms. When it comes to women, unfortunately, this is even more evident. The exposure of their emotions is one the first things people often criticize, seeing them as an impediment to thrive. However, what does not reach the eyes is the relationship of emotions and the development of talents that lay dormant in so many people but seem impossible to reach. In contrast, our desire to live should be greater than to survive. In addition, to be alive implies to be able to set your emotions free.

How does this take place?

Do you recall the days you were a young girl and you thought you could go anywhere, just as long as you really tried hard? No? I do. There is still a lot to do, but neglecting your potential shouldn’t be a choice. That’s why we should consider what it takes to be able to notice what we are good at. This is no easy task, especially in our competitive society, that tries to teach us – men and women – how to succeed, but doesn’t teach anyone about the value of being in touch with our emotions in order to find out our individual talents instead of simply follow the flow, being passive and docile. The bright side is that few notice that is not possible to succeed in a healthy way without reflecting and getting in touch with your inner self and emotions.

Why setting your emotions free is related to the discovery of your talents?

First, it must be understood that we are not talking about material accomplishments, they are important, but this goes beyond that, it is about happiness. In addition, Greek philosophers – such as Aristotle – spoke about finding a purpose in life. In other words, something to live and die for. Now let’s imagine that we are at point “A” and want to reach a goal at point “C”. There is no way around point B if we consider that we are talking about our minds and our limits. Freud mentions that the obstacles, point “B”, are our “primitive emotions” (rage, anger, fear, sadness, etc.) that must be sublimed in order to find out the individual talent. This is empowerment.

Empowerment = girl power?!

At this day and age, female characters that have strong roles have started to be presented as more than only the hero’s prize... they are the heroes!

Captain Marvel is a great example of this phenomenon.

Since the beginning of the movie, her team diminishes her saying that her emotional side is dragging her down and she must learn how to ignore it in order to succeed:

· “There’s nothing more dangerous to a warrior than emotion”,

· “Don’t let your emotions affect your judgment”,

· “You have come a long way, but you are not as strong as you think you are”,

· “What has been given to you can be taken away”.

However, one of the most exciting and dramatic moments of the movie is when she faces all of her team and this insistence to control her emotions by saying: What happens when I’m finally set free?

That’s when she manages to release all of her power finding her real talents. Such climax is not very different from what women and other minorities have to face when they are limited by others of reaching their potential. At this moment of the discussion, let me clarify that “minority” is a concept defined by social science as a cultural, ethnical, or racial group that coexists with, but is subordinate to a more dominant group, regardless of the population amount.

My personal account is that I was judged my entire life for being emotional – probably just like so many other women –, and just like Captain Marvel, I had been told too many times: "You are doing great, but you are not ready. You will be ready on the day you have learned to control your emotions, rather than being controlled by them.”

Every time a person questioned me about it, I tried to explain I would never be "ready" from this perspective because if my rational side started controlling my emotional side, I would no longer be guided by any purpose (which is emotional). Therefore, I would not be so involved and dedicated in my activity, which means that instead of "great", I would be only "ordinary". In other words, if I am not ready now, because of my emotions, I never would be. They are the most crucial element of my personality.

Be a superhero camgirl, find yourself!

You can be a powerful woman or a pet, it’s your call. Be free to take up any role, but keep in mind that the need to interact is the real reason men seek camgirls and not porn sites, and so many of them like strong women.

Finally, models and members are part of society and every social behavior reflects on both parts. Female empowerment is a trend, it is already found everywhere and we expect it is here to stay. Modern life leads to isolation and it can be very hard for a busy person to find another one to relieve the tensions that build up as a result of this lifestyle. Just like Captain Marvel, you don’t have to prove anything to others, just to yourself!

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