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What's in a price?

Money is the universal equivalent of value, the quantity you give in exchange for something you need is related to a few objective factors, and some not so obvious ones.

Due to the competitive nature of the business world, expertise is usually kept obscure. Nevertheless, things that happen in the backstage matter, as well as what happens in the offices because the decisions made by a few affect everyone’s lives.

In this article, the New Camming Perspective (NCP) addresses a few of these not so obvious practices in the scene, like, (1) how a price is set, and (2) why it pays off to offer something unique while (3) avoiding unnecessary free exposition.

These points will not ever be written in a marketing campaign because a company’s interest is the immediate profit that can be made and not the outcome of an individual’s life.

Let’s point out that it is not a company’s role to be in charge of anyone’s future, that’s why it matters that someone cares for their image, self-esteem, and future. This could be an agent, a therapist, a consultant etc. and especially themselves. Thinking about what are good strategies for the long-term goals and their consequences.

Being in evidence is important nowadays because of the relevance of social media, but it should be quality over quantity. When in doubt, it pays off to ask ourselves:

(1) if we are/will be proud of how my image is being publicized; (2) Considering the first item, we might change our minds in the future, will it be possible to have our content removed?

Our life story can be a reason to be proud of, it has no relation to having our image exposed for as long as the internet exists.

Read more at: https://avn.com/business/articles/technology/op-ed-priscila-magossi-on-whats-in-a-price-890464.html?fbclid=IwAR35H6hMZaBgMfkpsOi_ynI4ugzomalL476o0Bldkow8MpLDD4QLDUOIkYk

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