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Why expose abuse and oppression?

Updated: Mar 5

Because the exposure of the oppression is the only way to halt the abuse of power.

  • In the end of the last year (2019), New Camming Perspective (NCP) exposed a Brazilian cam site that required 72h marathons from their models. The popular protest managed to contain this exploitation of labor rights. Thus, this kind of campaign never happened again and before our demonstration it was a commom practice on the site.

  • Most recently, New Camming Perspective (NCP) needed to position itself when an international website tried to enter the country, making abusive proposals for the models (5$/h). The rejection, due to popular demand, was so intense, that the proposal finally became more decent (200$ fixed + earnings).

Would we have this kind of result if we had choose to remain silent in front of all of this?

No, we wouldn't.

Should the choice of exposing exploitation have consequences for the project's popularity among oppressive companies?

Yes, for sure, but we don't want to conciliate with them.

Fortunately, it is still possible to advance by standing for one’s moral values and getting together with people and companies that have humanistic and libertarian proposals in this Industry!

Congratulations to all the brazilian models who have been so brave, fighting for their rights in the scene, and, thus, improving their work conditions in practical terms!


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