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2021 (2)

February, 6th, 2021

Internext| Part I: Building Preemium Connections
Essentially, more often than not, what is more profitable is not humane, and what is more humane is not always profitable enough to run a business. The NCP tries to reach a compromise between both of these aspects.

[by Priscila Magossi] 

February, 6th, 2021

Internext | Part II: Brazilian Camming Market Analysis
Due to NCP efforts, it is already common sense that camming refers to the professional service of "BuildingConnections" (2016) between people in Brazil and Premium platforms are the only camming service available in Brazil.

[by Priscila Magossi] 

2020 (4)

August, 6th, 2020  

SHOOT-X | Alex Lecomte interviews Priscila Magossi from New Camming Perspective (NCP)
NCP is not trying to replace any method of camming or to convince anyone of doing anything, the idea is only to present a profitable alternative for those who do not fit into the stereotypical cam girl’s image. There is sunlight and moonlight, we cannot compare the brightness of the two because they are completely different. 
[by Priscila Magossi] 


June, 6th,2020  

WEBMASTER ACCESS | Alex Lecomte, Priscila Magossi (NCP) Talk On How the Pandemic Affects Cam Biz
Common sense is that profitable camming entertainers are people who can make fun of everything (no matter what or how they are feeling inside) and a good marketing campaign should only show the bright side of things (even if the world is falling apart). Thus, social sciences allow us to question and see the complexity of things while trying to understand the subjectivity of the world. First, let’s ask ourselves: Why are people at home? Are they on vacation or quarantined to try to preserve humanity, or at least, the older people they care for? 
[by Priscila Magossi] 

April, 28th, 2020  

BANKSIE TV  | Lindsey Banks, Priscila Magossi Talk Camming During Crisis
LOS ANGELES—A pair of well-known personalities from the live cam industry—Lindsey Banks and Priscila Magossi—recently sat down for an intimate discussion about how the pandemic is affecting the community, among a wide range of topics.
[by John Roland]

March 2th, 2020

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - Cascais (Portugal) | Woman in adult online business 

The Mission of this round table is Empowering ambitious women to become the happier and more productive self in this tough industry.

(informed by TES)

2019 (3)

September 17th, 2019

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - Prague (Czech Republic)Woman in online business 

This round table is for the diverse community of women from all over the world who work in the online industry, are building their companies, or are interested in networking and discussing diversity in our respective industries.

(informed by TES)

June 6th, 2018 


The live cam industry is always evolving with new trends and technology. Listen to industry representatives give their predictions for what's coming to the cam world.

(informed by AW Summit)

March 2th, 2019

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - Cascais (Portugal) | Woman in online business 

This panel is for the diverse community of women from all over the world who work in the online industry, are building their companies, or are interested in networking and discussing diversity in our respective industries with the mission of empowering ambitious women to become the happier and more productive self in this tough industry.

(informed by TES)

2018 (5)

November 2th, 2018

2018 ONLINE CAM SUMMIT | NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE: Find out how to increase both models’ earnings and quality of life building connections

First presentation of the New Camming Perspective shared into 5 videos: (1) Introduction, (2) Theory: Building Connections and Social Aspect of Camming, (3) Profitability: directed to business people, (4) Application: directed to models, (5) Interview with Dr. Marco Antonio Abud (neuroscient and psychiatrist).

(by Priscila Magossi)


Septemper 15th, 2018

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - Prague (Czech Republic)‎| Woman in dating &

 adult businesses

A panel dedicated to the discussion about the main difficulties that women need to overcome in oder to adapt their career in the Adult Camming Industry with their partners, family and children, taking into account that we still live in a patriarcal society that undermines women values.

(by Priscila Magossi)


June 6th, 2018 

AW SUMMIT – Mamaia (Romenia) | TRENDS IN THE LIVE CAM BUSINESS: What can come next?

The live cam industry is always evolving with new trends and technology. Listen to industry representatives give their predictions for what's coming to the cam world.

(informed by AW Summit)


March 4th, 2018


Do you have a marketing team, if yes, how big is it. If no, why not?  How do you make models work on social media?  What do you with models whom are coming from other studios?  What is your strategy in marketing a social media personality? Should a model manage her own social media account(s)? Those and other questions will be answered during this exciting expert panel!

(informed by TES)

February 19th, 2018

LALEXPO – Cali (Colombia) | WEBCAM SEMINAR: Tips on how to defend yourself from bullying

All webcam models run the risk of being recorded or photographed during their connections, then unscrupulously users upload their content to the Internet. Sooner or later a family member or friend discovers the work of the model and harasses her socially. We will teach you how to defend yourself from Bullying.

(informed by LALEXPO)


2017 (4)

June, 7th, 2017 


It's a fact people treat you as you allow them, but camsite policy may help or hinder that treatment. With ImLive, models are not exposed continually in Free Live Chat (they might be online on the regular mode, controling their exposition) and are not pressured or mandated to tease in Free Live Chat (tips for nudity is not even allowed). This policy raises the quality of the members behavior (who are stimulated to build connections with the models instead of treat them as piece of their bodies), as well as the model’s self-esteem and quality of life (who have direct of content with their representatives, personal and motivational support 24/7, interactive forum to discuss personal and professional issues with each other and with the team (counting with almost instant answers)

(by Priscila Magossi)

June, 8th, 2017 

AW SUMMIT - Mamaia (Romenia) |MODELS: Fueling your fan base and obtaining members loyalty

In order to become successful, cam performers must enjoy a large number of loyal members or fans. Although gaining and maintaining popularity may look like a hard task at the first glance, our specialists have prepared with strategies and tips to help you attain such goals.

(informed by AW Summit)


March, 5th, 2017 

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT – SITGES (Spain) | CAM MODELS PANEL: Discover why and how top models reach higher earnings

Good professionals develop their routines and activities not only with their bodies, but with their souls as well - which is only possible to be done when you are passionate about your job. If we take a look around, we can easily notice that we hardly have good professionals in any area because people CAN'T choose what they do for love, but out of necessity. The same logic is applied to the camming industry taking into account that models are people, part of our society and not "sex machines". That's why is so important for the cam sites to invest on the camgirls' quality of life in order to improve their productivity.

(by Priscila Magossi)

February 18th, 2017

LALEXPO -  CARTAGENA (Colombia) MODELS PANEL: No to social Bullying when you are an adult entertainment model

Unfortunately is not uncommon to see models being very aggressive and disrespecting each other, abusing of the Free Live Chat tool to do that, to practice buyilling with each other. But I won’t spend my voice here to tell you girls to educate yourself, to be strong enough to don’t care or press the mute option and keep talking to your guests normally. Doesn’t being affected when you are being offended it’s not a sign of being strong, but coldness. And the mute option doesn’t solve the question, it’s only a make up for the problem. Being offended and disrespected in the job is not normal at all. Shouldn’t matter if we are working with adult content, we all should follow an ethic. We are all someone and not something, so of course rudness affects us in a bad way just like compliments affect us in a positive way.

(by Priscila Magossi)


2016 (4)

September 21th, 2016 

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - PRAGUE (Czech Republic)| EXPERT MODEL TIPS: How to be successful in the Live Cam Industry

In order to cultivate a fan base a model must be attentive to her members, which means seeing them as the singular person each of them is. And in order to reach this goal a model need much more than a simple tease, but a conversation, a kind of sensibility to open up and feel more the person on the other side of the screen.

(by Priscila Magossi)


September 21th, 2016 

THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT - PRAGUE (Czech Republic)TES LIVE CAM DAY: Global Perspective of Cams

Being a webcam model is much more complex than meets the eye. It's not as simple as just undressing in front of the camera to make money, and it requires much more than just a sexy body. If it was simple like that, all the good looking girls would be successful, and it's not what happens at all. What a model says is much more important than how a model looks like. That's why I also see this job as an intellectual activity. 

(by Priscila Magossi)

September 19th, 2016

WEBMASTER ACCESS – AMSTERDAM (Netherlands) | CAMMING BEYOND BORDERS: How to maximize your international reach

Pressure, stress, anxiety, bullying... Let's discuss from a Model perspective what is happening behind the screen and how to convert all of this into an exercise of freedom and self esteem, taking into account our subjectivity and individuality.

(by Priscila Magossi)


June 7th, 2016


The opening line of our seminar says: "Behind every strong woman, there is another one... or a guy". But sometimes behind a strong woman there is no one else but herself. So, I am here to share my experiences behind the screen with all of you for the first time. 

(by Priscila Magossi)