Socially Responsable

NEW CAMMING PERSPECTIVE (NCP)  is a business strategy that uses social sciences to optimize earnings and stimulate returning customers by relying on the human need for (1) Building Connections through the (2) Social Aspect of Camming when in touch with the (3) Social Traffic, leading to the idea of the (4) Mainstream Camming: the humanization of this market segment. It is not a one fits all programme, every specific need can be addressed to reach the desired results.

Theoretical knowledge

  • Understanding about the Camming Industry backstage (Priscila Magossi)

  • Cultural capital: how to act according to the social setting, knowing what to say, what to wear, and keeping a suitable posture (Priscila Magossi)

  • Understanding the psychosocial implications of the job: double-life, social prejudice, bullying, mental disorders etc. (Priscila Magossi)

Defining a promotion strategy

  • Choosing a stage name, definition of style, writing up profile texts (Priscila Magossi)

  • Picking, assisting with photographs choices, touching up and advising about props and outfits (Priscila Magossi)

  • Customizing the scenario, decor, and lighting (Juliana Villegas)

  • Social media management (Juliana Villegas)


training i

Applied knowledge

  • Customer handling, module 1: Building Connections through the Social Aspect of Camming (Priscila Magossi)

  • Customer handling, module 2: Fetish and Fantasiesnon nude (Juliana Villegas)

  • Acquiring the necessary competence to captivate affective connections (Priscila Magossi)

  • Personal crisis management (Priscila Magossi & Juliana Villegas)

Support in all of these areas

  • Executive Secretary

(Payment Solutions)


  • Psychotherapy

(Phenomenology/ Psychoanalysis)


  • Body Therapy 

(Kaula Núcleo de Tantra)

  • English Lessons

  • Visual Designer

  • Accounting

  • Specialized Law Services



This project aims to maximize profit and retain return customers in an attempt to reverse part of the crisis caused since internet porn became free (97%), therefore affecting camming profit margins for many players in the scene, such as webcam platforms, affiliates, and studios (premium models) as well. Check out what NCP is providing for business


Career Consulting


Career Consulting

Post-P.h.D. in Social Sciences



The historical documentation about the Adult Entertainment scene is vague in scientific terms.  NCP is a formal study about social bond dynamics in this industry based on critical thought supported by empirical experience and practical steps to optimize this activity .

scientific research

(Premium) Studios


Directed for premium models who are interested in developing their social bonds competences because they understand camming as a different activity from pornography (instant sexual satisfaction). 



Companies & Affiliates

(Local Host Representative)

 Providing consultancy and/or representation to businesses that are interested in investing in the Brazilian market.  Having the expertise of the market, a vast network and credibility among many top models, which allow greater chances for the investment to be profitable.

English & Portuguese


Having the competences and skills necessary (nearly 20 years in field of Communication and Semiotics, 2 books and 50+ articles, 20+ seminars), the NCP author has the cultural capital to deliver outstanding texts, and presentations for your business.