• To present an alternative of what could also be profitable in premium cam sites for models and Industry. Throught empirical experience and confidential statistical data from the main premium cam sites, it is confirmed that models who are engaged in building connections with their members (rather than just teasing them) have very high profit margins.


• To improve lives by adressing emotional issues regarding camming such as the difficulty of introducing themselves socially due to the stress of living a double life. It is believed that a model who lives one life only can be more confident about herself and it will lead to greater productivy both online and off-line, including being present more often in social media (indispensable for a camgirl branding herself, generates her own traffic, keep their regular members interested on herself and remains stable in the camming market).


Besides, working with a better mood, in a more qualified work atmosphere, results in more hours online and more money for the company and less complaints from customers about the performance of the models.


• To decrease women objectification by helping to change the perception association the camgirl, seeing them as industry partners and not only content producters. From this perspective, the greater loyalty to the same premium cam site, allows camgirls to grow professionally and this also garantee return costumers befeniting the industry as well.